Manual Connect

IPCams can connect to many different camera brands. If your camera supports a local RTSP or MJPEG stream, IPCams should be able to connect! We support various brands like Amcrest, Axis, Dahua, D-Link, Foscam, & Hikvision.

How do I get started?

To get started select the `Add Camera` plus button from the new camera screen. From there you can select the camera manufacturer, and enter its information into IPCams. Once you entered in your camera's basic info like its IP address, IPCams will handle the rest and verify things are connecting properly. Once connected, you can save your camera and start using it right away.

What is my camera's IP address?

 If you don't know your camera's IP address, you can usually find it by checking your router's settings or using an app like Fing to scan your network.

What is my camera's username and password?

The login info for your camera will usually be setup by your manufacturer's app when you originally setup your camera. If you don't know the username or password, consult the support documentation for your camera.

What is my camera isn't listed?

If your camera isn't listed in IPCams, don't fret! We may be able to get it added if it is compatible. Select the `Request Camera` option at the bottom of the add camera page and let us know what brand and model of camera you have. If it supports a local RTSP or MJPEG stream we will try to get it added.