Pan, Tilt, & Zoom

IPCams supports Pan, Tilt, & Zoom controls for compatible ONVIF cameras. If you added a PTZ compatible camera through its ONVIF integration IPCams should display the PTZ controls on the camera view.

Movement Type

IPCams currently only supports continuous PTZ controls. That means IPCams will move the camera for as long as you press the button. The longer the press the more the camera moves. The shorter the press the smaller the move.

Movement Speed

IPCams uses the default speed provided by your camera. Sometimes the speed may be too slow. If that's the case, you can adjust the speed IPCams uses from the camera edit page or at the bottom of the PTZ preset menu when viewing the camera.


IPCams supports recalling, adding, and removing PTZ presets. Presets already added to your camera should show up in the PTZ menu when viewing your camera and selecting them will recall that setting. If you want to add or remove existing presets, you can do so from the bottom of the PTZ preset menu.