What is IPCams NVR?

IPCams NVR is a mobile first network video recorder than bundles AI motion detection, event recordings, and push notifications. Use IPCams NVR to monitor your ONVIF or RTSP cameras from a Mac or Apple TV locally on your network.

Motion Detection

IPCams NVR uses a smart AI motion detector to detect what matters most: people, animals, and vehicles. No more pesky false alarms like a tree blowing in the wind

Event Recordings

When IPCams NVR detects motion, it will record your camera stream and sync that with iCloud so you can view your recordings no matter where you are. 

Push Notifications

Receive push notifications with the event snapshot on all of your iCloud synced devices. This ensures you don't miss out when your cameras detect motion, or when they encounter connectivity issues.

Local & Secure

IPCams NVR runs and monitors your cameras from an Apple TV or Mac local to your cameras. This ensures that motion is detected immediately, and that your camera streams are only accessed by your devices. You don't have to put trust in a third party cloud server as IPCams puts you in control of your cameras by running locally.

Automatic Event Deletion

IPCams NVR includes custom retention settings so you can auto delete events and recordings after a certain time period, or set a custom storage limit so you don't fill up your iCloud space.


IPCams NVR is highly scalable. From monitoring just a couple of cameras from an Apple TV to lots of cameras from multiple Macs, IPCams NVR can handle it. You can run IPCams NVR on multiple devices monitoring different cameras. This helps expand the limit past what one device can handle, or allows you to monitor cameras at multiple locations.