IPCams offers both a shortcut widget and a snapshot widget that you can add to your home screen on your iPhone or iPad.

Adding Widgets

  1. Long press your home screen in an empty area
  2. Tap the plus button at the top left
  3. Search for IPCams or scroll down in the list until you find it
  4. Swipe left and right to select your desired widget type and size
  5. Once the widget shows up on your home screen, tap the widget while it is wiggling to edit the widget settings
  6. Select a camera(s) to use for your widget.
  7. Press the done button at the top right to exist edit mode

Snapshot Widget

Snapshot widgets show a snapshot from your camera stream that refreshed periodically as permitted by your device (usually every 15 minutes).

Note: Snapshot widgets require your camera to support a plain snapshot URL for IPCams to fetch a jpeg image. Not all cameras support a jpeg snapshot URL, but for those that do we try to handle it automatically in the background for you. For example if your camera is an ONVIF camera, we fetch and set the snapshot URL behind the scenes.

When setting up your widget, if you don't see your camera in the list of available cameras that usually means it is not compatible. If you setup your camera as a custom camera in the app with a stream URL, you might need to add a snapshot path (or full URL) in your camera's advanced settings.

Shortcut Widget

Shortcut widgets allow you to quickly and easily open a specific dashboard or camera in the app.