Can I share Pro with my family?

Yes! IPCams offers a Pro family plan that allows sharing Pro features with members of your Apple family group. If you don't already have a Pro family plan you can easily upgrade today.

How do I upgrade from regular Pro?

If you currently have a monthly or yearly individual Pro plan, you can upgrade to a family play by selecting the Manage Subscription button from your Apple ID settings or from the Pro page in IPCams.

If you previously purchased an individual lifetime plan, an option to upgrade to a family lifetime will be available in the Pro settings page.

How do I setup my family group and share my purchase?

Sharing an IPCams Pro family plan requires a family group with family sharing to be setup with your Apple ID. Alongside of family sharing, App Store purchase sharing also needs to be enabled for your family group.

How do I restore the family plan on a family member's device?

Once your family is setup with purchase sharing and a IPCams Pro family plan is purchased, you can easily restore it on your family member's device. Go to the IPCams Pro page in settings and select the Restore Purchases button at the bottom. If Pro does not automatically restore for you, close and reopen the app to ensure IPCams fetches the updated receipt.

Note: If the shared purchase doesn't immediately restore, don't fret. It can take an hour or so for IPCams to be notified that there are faimly subscription updates available. Come back to the app later in the day and try again.