Remote Access

Can I access my camera remotely with IPCams?

Yes, but not automatically. IPCams is an independent app and does not have any affiliation with specific camera hardware. Since IPCams doesn't own both ends of the connection (app + camera), we can't setup and ensure a properly secured and encrypted connection.

Although there are some technologies like UPnP that can assist client applications like IPCams when setting up a remote connection, they are insecure which is not what IPCams tries to accomplish as a private and secure IP camera viewer.

Can I manually setup remote access?

Yes, if you are interested in remote access of your cameras, you can manually set it up yourself. Note: this is not something IPCams can help support in any way. If you have a problem or need help with it, you will more than likely need to consult your router's documentation and support.

How do I set it up?

If you are still interested in setting up remote access, there are various methods available. Here are a couple that IPCams users have recommended.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

This is one of the most secure ways of setting up remote access to your home network. VPNs ensure a private encrypted connection so your cameras streams are safe and secure. Some routers offer a VPN integration directly. Check online to see if your router has support. If it doesn't you can usually install VPN server software (like OpenVPN and WireGuard) on a PC or Mac at home and connect that way.

Port Forwarding

This is a popular way to connect to your cameras remotely, but depending on your camera and its encryption support it may not be secure. Routers usually have a way of setting up port forwarding so consult your router documentation on how to set up this feature.

Are there any future plans for remote access?

We can't promise anything at the moment as the future is not set in stone, but we understand that this is feature some users like yourself might want. Check out the IPCams feature request board, particularly the secure proxy entry and vote on it and add to the conversation if the feature interests you.