Camera Compatibility

IPCams is compatible with thousands of IP security cameras, but there are some requirements that must be met for IPCams to connect.

Compatible Cameras

It is impossible to list every compatible camera here since there are so many. Some of the popular brands we support are Hikivision, Dahua, Foscam, Axis, D-Link, TP-Link, & Amcrest. To see the full list of supported brands, check out our manufacturer list in IPCams as it is the most up to date list available.

Incompatible Cameras

Unfortunately, there are cameras that are not compatible with IPCams due to the use of a non standard stream. These cameras include:

  • Non network (WiFi or Ethernet) cameras - Any camera without a network stream like webcams or analog security cameras
  • Battery powered cameras - Battery powered cameras usually do not include an always on required video stream
  • Ring & Arlo - These cameras use a proprietary cloud stream that is not compatible
  • Merkury & v380 - These cameras use a proprietary local stream

Network Connectivity

If your camera is listed as compatible with IPCams, but you can't connect, here are some tips:

  • Make sure your camera is already setup on your local network. If your camera hasn't been setup yet, use the manufacturer's app first to connect it to your network first.
  • If the camera is ONVIF conformant, IPCams can automatically search for the camera assuming your phone or mac is on the same local subnet.
  • If your camera is not on the same subnet (or is not ONVIF conformant), you can add your camera with its IP address or hostname. If you don't know your camera‚Äôs IP address, you can usually find it via your router's app/web page or by using an app like Fing on iPhone to manually search the network.
  • If your camera is not on a local network and you'd like to access it remotely, you can do so by using a VPN or port forwarding. This is not something we can help setup and support directly, but is something that IPCams works well with and many users use.

What if I don't see my camera on this list?

If you don't see your camera brand on the compatibility list, but it does support an RTSP or MJPEG stream, don't lose hope! You can request compatibility through our camera request form. We'll check to see if it is compatible and add it to IPCams.