Two Way Audio

IPCams supports two way audio for most Dahua, Hikvision, Amcrest and Axis cameras. IPCams will detect if your camera is supported and will show the microphone button in the camera control strip if it is available.

To start talking through your camera, just tap the microphone button to start a two way audio session. You'll be prompted to enable Microphone permission for the app if you haven't given it previously.

Note: Two way audio requires the use of our modern video player. If you haven't already upgraded your camera to the new player you'll be prompted to upgrade it before you start a two way audio session

Manufacturer Specific Requirements


  • IPCams supports G.711ulaw, G.711alaw and PCM audio encoding. If your camera is currently setup to use a different codec, you will need to change it for two way audio to show up in IPCams


  • IPCams only supports full duplex audio (listen + talk at the same time). If your camera is currently set to half duplex of simplex, you will need to change it to full duplex before it will show up in IPCams