How do I upgrade to Pro lifetime?

If you already are subscribed to a monthly or yearly IPCams Pro plan and would like to upgrade to a lifetime plan, you definitely can! First, you will need to cancel your existing subscription. 

You can cancel your existing subscription via the manage subscription link on the IPCams Pro page. You can also find it in the Settings app under Apple ID -> Subscriptions. Once you cancel your existing subscription, come back to IPCams and visit the IPCams Pro page. There should now be an option to purchase the lifetime Pro plan. 

Note: If the lifetime options do not show up immediately, don't fret. It can take up to an hour or so for IPCams to be notified that the subscription has been cancelled where we can show the available options again. Come back to the app later in the day and try again.

Why do I have to cancel first?

Unfortunately the way lifetime and monthly/yearly recurring subscriptions are billed, there is no way to offer both together under the Apple subscription management page. In order to prevent double billing, IPCams can't show the lifetime option while an active recurring subscription is ongoing. I know it sucks, but this is the only way to prevent unintended billing.