What is IPCams Pro?

IPCams Pro is an optional add-on for IPCams that enables extra features and enhances the IPCams experience. It is available as a monthly or yearly subscription, or as a lifetime purchase. If you want to enable Pro for your family members, a family purchase option is also available. All IPCams Pro features will always be available for all purchase types.

Pro Features

Unlimited Cameras

Bypass the free limit of five cameras, and add as many as you want with Pro

Multiple Dashboards

Add multiple dashboards with various configurations.

Larger Dashboards

Bypass the four camera limit and add up to nine cameras each per individual dashboard

Pan, Tilt, & Zoom

Control ONVIF compatible cameras pan, tilt, and zoom.

Camera Snapshots

Capture important moments and enable the ability to take camera snapshots to save and share with others

Camera & Dashboard Icons

Customize your camera and dashboard lists with custom icons that match your cameras' purposes

Customizable App Icon and Theme Colors

Make the app uniquely yours by changing the app icon and theme color

Multi Platform Purchase

Enable Pro features on all your Apple devices. IPCams is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch

Support Indie Development

IPCams is developed by a small team of one. Help support the further development of IPCams with Pro.